Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Manny Backus.

Before you read any further, I want you to know a few things about me...

"Hey Manny... I just wanted to say thanks. I've been with you for about five months and I've been averaging about $5,923 a month, which is like $29,600..."

-- Bll C., Glendale, Arizona

I am not your average professional stock trader. I'm not a stockbroker or individual investment advisor of any type. I've never worked at a big brokerage or had any kind of securities license at all. Nor do I have the Ivy League MBA that most financial "experts" consider a requirement.

The bottom line is all of these things are great achievements and look good hanging up on your wall, but they don't automatically make you a proficient trader.

What I do have is a tested intelligence quotient of 157. According to "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" by Richard Lynn, the average IQ of all United States residents is 98.

I also posses a killer instinct and a strategic mindset due to my early childhood training in the arena of international chess. But during my teenage years, my passion for the game of chess took a back seat to my obsession with online trading.  After participating in several stock-picking competitions, I noticed certain people continued beating the market consistently. 

There were only a handful of these super traders, but that reaffirmed my belief there must exist some sort of secret technique to earn money consistently in the stock market. 

That's when I decided to parlay the tactical ability, the power to focus, and the schematic thinking that I learned from playing chess into the skill of picking winning stocks.

You see, chess is part tactics, and part ability to focus and remain unemotional.  In chess, the player is always trying to challenge himself to try to guess the next move on the board.  In stock trading, the trader is always trying to challenge himself to try to predict the next move of a stock.  They're very similar disciplines. 

Chess-playing is also based on war.  You have to kill or be killed. A "killer move" is one wherein you have to kill on the first move.  I used this "killer move" technique to devise the quickest way to make a killing with stocks that are getting ready to skyrocket or plummet. 

Believe it or not, skilled chess players are often the best problem-solvers in any given situation.  They are also known for their keen ability to grasp the inner workings of any system or apparatus -- tangible or intangible -- faster than average individuals?  For instance, a study undertaken by Bankers Trust in New York found that chess players learned the tricks of the banker's trade at a more rapid rate than non-chess players -- even if the latter held MBAs."

By taking the principles I learned from the complex game of chess, I decided to give the stock market a try. I found that the systematic, detached and highly analytical approach it took to become a champion chess player was ideally suited to active trading.

Not the sleepy, Blue-Chip-life-sentence kind of investing most American money-managers practice (the “poor returns” kind)...

But aggressive, winner-take-all trading with but one objective: A fast, lucrative “checkmate” over the fickle moves of the markets.

"I've profited $4,000 after trading commissions... Manny has made not only myself, but many others, lots of money over the past few months since I started, and I have no doubt it will continue from here on in. Thank you, Manny."

-- Angel L., Toronto, Canada

In 2002, I founded Wealthpire, Inc. and have successfully ran several trading research services. I have literally hundreds of letters from grateful readers expressing their wonderful success stories with my services. Read what some of my satisfied customers have to say here.

Unlike the folks who run a lot of other advisories out there, I have strict scruples about never artificially manipulating the market with the services I publish. That’s why you don’t see my name on any micro-cap tech-stock. Recommending positions in these tiny firms to more than a handful of people at a time can cause them to spike up in price on even a small uptick in volume.

I'm an ethical trader. That's why all of my services have a limit to the number of subscribers that are allowed to join.

My main goal is to use my knowledge, expertise and experience to help the average street-level investor to have a fun and profitable experience in the market. You can learn more about my services here.

Let me help you build your own personal empire of wealth. Utilize my proven, easy-to-use tools to build enduring wealth.

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